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OLXA is a CryptoAsset backed up with Crowd-Projects and Advanced Services first time to serve the Cryptocurrency Community.

ICO Ended
2018-02-01 - 2018-02-17
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

We are so delighted to present and offer for the 1st time in the crypto community the INNOVATIVE LETTER OF CRYPTO CREDIT and the Crypto eShop with No Order History and No Tracking Cookies. The OLXA Initial Coin Offering (ICO) issuance would fund highly profitable trading and marketing as well as improve OLXA innovative projects with modern methods of doing Local and Global businesses in order to allow esteemed OLXA users to utilize their OLXA Coins freely anywhere and anytime thereby securing their comfort-ability. Allocation of OLXA Coins

The number of OLXA Coins is limited to 2.6 Billion (2,600,000,000) and that is you do not need to procrastinate so as not to miss this great opportunity. Only 1.5 Billion Coins will be available for the ICO Crowdsale. Remaining of OLXA Coins Remaining coins will be properly distributed among Rewards, Valuable Products Manufacturing, Future Beneficial Projects, and partnerships, some in public safe stake holding and some on Global Exchanges to be exchanged on the long term.

ICO Token Bonuses

ICO Pre-Sale: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.01 {Each $10 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 50% Bonus = 1,500 OLXA Coins}Round1-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.012 {Each $12 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 40% Bonus = 1,400 OLXA Coins}Round2-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.014 {Each $14 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 30% Bonus = 1,300 OLXA Coins}Round3-ICO: 1 OLXA Coin = $0.016 {Each $16 = 1,000 OLXA Coins + 20% Bonus = 1,200 OLXA Coins}Payment MethodsOLXA Coins can be purchased conveniently using Ethereum ETH, BitCoin BTC, LiteCoin LTC, and other payment methods. Receiving Your CoinsWrite your Ethereum ERC20 Wallet Address in your order-checkout page to receive your OLXA Coins. We recommend using Myetherwallet, It’s just as easy as that.

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