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New Era Energy
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New Era Energy (NERA) ( is a blockchain-based platform for measuringthe green energy footprint for individuals and organizations.

ICO Ended
2018-03-08 - 2018-03-31
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

NERA invests in and operatesinnovative clean energy initiatives and renewable energy projects, with a key focus onaccelerating renewable energy adoption and raising awareness about climate change acrossSoutheast Asia.THE PROBLEMRaising awareness and combating climate change is one of the main goals of the UNSustainable Development Goals. However, there are no clear economical benefits fororganizations to introduce green policies or become green-certified. Similarly, the currentsituation gives no reason for individuals to go green. Many intermediaries, bureaucracies andmisaligned agendas confound and hamper sustainable deployment of green solutions andresources.THE SOLUTION• Blockchain-based certification platform to ensure corporate accountability and transparency• Global platform for transparently and efficiently creating and linking green digital assets toreal green outcomes and assets• Crypto exchange for mining and rewarding green initiatives by individuals and organizations• Tools and incentives for individuals and organizations to go greenEMISSION REDUCTION UNIT – A Proof of GreenTo incentivize green activities in everyday life and on our platform, a user receives EmissionReduction Units (ERU) proportional to his/her contribution once his/her transaction isverified.TOKEN SALEStart Date: 8 March 2018End Date: 31 March 2018Ticker Symbol: NERA1 NERA Token sold at US$ 0.12Token Sale Target: 300,000,000 NERATotal Supply (Hard Cap): 1,000,000,000 NERAMinimum Purchase Per Person: US$120Token Type: ERC20Main Sale: 150,000,000 NERA (US$18,000,000)Accepted currencies: USD, BTC, ETH

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