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One line catch phrase: Decentralized market intelligence networkLong description: Mosaic helps solve the problem of the lack of knowledge about crypto market and crypto assets

ICO Ended
2018-02-16 - 2018-03-16
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Mosaic is helping fill the current void in reliable cryptoassets research, information, and knowledge by providing a market intelligence network that connects ideas, information, and people.The Mosaic’s market intelligence protocol provides a distributed, immutable, and transparent ledger of review history that can be utilized to evaluate over time the quality of research and accuracy of predictions produced by Analysts.Token Utility/Function:The MZX token is the native method for settlement between parties and facilitates access to Mosaic resources. MZX underpins incentivized activities of both Users and Analysts on the Network. How our project differs from other: The current research and information void exists largely because there are no research distribution platforms or economic systems to incentivize researchers to produce research. Mosaic fills this niche. There is no other platform that has such a team that can build a great crypto market database, helping to solve existing problems. Our platform has a strong mechanism that work efficient both for platform contributors and customers, creating a win-win situation.Core team (full team info could be found in WP):Alex Bradford Co-Founder and Chairman Garrick Hileman Co-Founder and CEO / Head of Research Celik Chief Data Scientist details:Pre-sale start date Feb 16Pre-sale end date March 16Token Price TBDSoft Cap No Soft CapHard Cap 250 mln tokensICO token supply 250 mln tokensTotal supply 1 bln tokensToken type ERC20Symbol MZXAccepted currencies ETHBonus NoWhitelist YesKYC YesTeam vesting YesExisting MVP YesUnsold tokens Distributed to public and contributorsСitizens of US, Canada, South Korea, or China are restricted for participating in tokensaleToken distribution: 250M tokens for token sale contributors;300M for platform contributors;150M for shareholders, founders, management and team;50M for future employees;50M to partners;200M to in Company Reserve.Funds allocation: 55% – Core Product and Technology: engineering and product team, and ITExpenses;15% – Operations: administrative and other general expenses;20% – Sales & Marketing: expenses related to selling and marketing our product;10% – Legal and other expenses: any other expense that is needed outside thecategories above will be funded through this section.

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