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MIR COIN is a catalyst for expanding and stabilizing the network by giving a common value agreed upon by a Block Chain issued in an

ICO Ended
2018-04-09 - 2018-05-27
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Furthermore, MIR COIN will be real money that goes beyond POINT.In addition, we will integrate a variety of digital currencies, including cyber money, digital cash, coupons, and game tokens. MIR COIN is the link between the integrated platform that goes beyond the boundaries of the business model and will meet the needs of various markets and consumers.

<Advantages of living currency MIR COIN>

1. You can pay anywhere on your mobile phone. (Targeting the world)

2. It processes payment and accumulation as fast as debit card.

3. Quick payment and transfer is possible.

4. Affiliates POINT and COUPON can be easily converted into MIR COIN.

5. Company A can use the reserve fund from Company B. (ON / OFF LINE)

6. P2P private transactions and payments are possible, all products are available for direct transactions.

7. Discounts are applied equally, so you can enjoy both earning + discount + payment.

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Coming Soon...
Coming Soon...

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