LuckyToken ICO

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Over 100 million people play Lottery every day in the world. On average about 1 in 14 people win. Pretty impressive, no?

ICO Ended
2018-03-05 - 2018-05-05
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

The reason we bring up Lottery is that LuckyToken is a tokenized “Lottery” in the sense that the rules of the game are absolutely the same: the player chooses 5 arbitrary natural numbers ranging from 1 to 75, and also one additional number ranging from 1 to 15. Having guessed correctly the five numbers, the player receives the first prize, and if he also guessed the extra number, he/she wins the jackpot. The smaller number of matches also has its own prize categories.

However, the main difference between regular Lotteries and LuckyToken is that LuckyToken is blockchain-based and therefore not subject to manipulation.We accepting only ETH during ICO and provide everyone possibility to win additional $100 000 or even $1000 000.

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