Leonardo Render (LEOS) Token Sale ICO

Leonardo Render (LEOS) Token Sale
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The fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud-based rendering solution

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Team: NYR
Feasability: NYR

Leonardo Render (LEOS) Token Sale

Leonardo is the fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud supercomputer solution for the graphical rendering industry. It brings work to life with the fastest, simplest, and most affordable cloud-based rendering solution. Using Leonardo’s software, customers are able to complete their renders in real time on their computers while having the ability to connect to GPU Infrastructures all over the world.

Process Renderings Faster

CG Creators still have to wait twenty-four hours to see their rendering completed, while animators in some cases have to wait nearly a month for a single second of animation. There is a deep necessity here, and where there exists necessity, great ideas come to life.

  • Leonardo Render:
  • Is a decentralized graphical rendering platform
  • Allows users to process renderings faster than ever at the lowest price in the industry
  • Is extremely secure and easy to use


Token Symbol: LEOS

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Coming Soon...

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