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International CryptoX
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International CryptoX A state-of-the-art, Ultra-Scalable, Simple, Secure & Compliant Crypto Exchange About International CryptoX

ICO Ended
2018-05-14 - 2018-07-11
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

The INCX Platform will allow users to trade cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, etc.) on a crypto to crypto model, and will strive to incorporate fiat (USD/GBP/SGD/CAD/AUD/JPY/EUR) to cryptocurrency purchases on the INCX Platform, subject to regulatory environment, and listing of new tokens pursuant to Initial Coin Offerings. InternationalCryptoX is also offering INCX coins (“INCX Coin”) in a token crowdsale for the purpose of trading on the INCX Platform.The vision of InternationalCryptoX is to develop a platform that not only allows individuals to trade cryptocurrencies, but also facilitates ease in transfers and information dissemination. The INCX Platform will enable users to easily manage all their wallets and passwords by implementing a user-friendly and secure global address book, thereby providing ease of use to users. Further, the INCX Platform will provide end-to-end automation for trades and provide essential information regarding the mobility of cryptocurrencies traded, liquidity of such currencies listed for trading, and other ancillary information such as P&L statements developed by leveraging APIs with domestic and international business partners. InternationalCryptoX has been formed to develop the INCX Platform. Many of our founders and advisors have extensive international technology experience and a proven track record in building high-volume, data-driven secure enterprise platforms.

Token Price: 1 INCX Coin = 0.00003125 ETH

Minimum Purchase: 3200 INCX Coins or 0.1 ETH

Presale: 42%

Crowdsale: Early Bird Bonus: 10% for the first 48 hours

Pre-Sale Announcement: 14-May-2018 [raised Pre-Sale End Date: 21-May-2018

Token Sale Release Date: 11-June-2018

Token Sale End Date: 11-July-2018

Resale/Exchange Trading: August 2018

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