Goldilock (LOCK) Token Sale ICO

Goldilock (LOCK) Token Sale
Verified ICO

An ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets offline

ICO Ended
2018-11-26 - 2018-11-30
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Goldilock (LOCK) Token Sale

Goldilock is a patent-pending, remote-automated, air-gap security architecture for coin custody — and sensitive data storage — within a hyper-secure data center. Golidlock functions are toggled on/offline by users via a non-IP trigger mechanism.

The team claims, with earned confidence, that their product is the ideal solution for secure crypto storage.

In Q2 2018, the team implemented a functional minimum viable product of the Goldilock wallet, which users will be able to access upon purchase of LOCK tokens.


When it comes to cryptocurrency, the burden of maintaining wallet security falls squarely on the individual investor.

Though distributed ledgers are more secure than their traditional counterparts, crypto custody remains susceptible to hacks and other attacks. Exchanges, digital wallets and even hardware wallets are protected with passwords and private keys, which can be stolen, lost and otherwise hacked.

These persistent vulnerabilities are part of the reason why institutions remain cautious about investing in cryptocurrencies.

The Goldilock team has created an ecosystem that secures cryptocurrencies and digital assets for both individuals and institutions. Their security suite employs:

  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Biometrics
  • Regressive technology triggers
  • Cryptography

This, they claim, makes Goldilock the most secure option for crypto storage.

Market Position & Potential

There is a great and pressing demand for secure wallets — not only from individuals, but funds, family offices and other financial institutions. They’re not just worried about losing their assets; there are legal and regulatory concerns when it comes to custody.

But they also want a piece of the action. Smart money still believes that cryptocurrency returns will outpace traditional investment vehicles, at least for the early entrants.

When a truly trusted wallet hits the market, we can expect adoption to be swift and widespread.

To that end, Goldilock is targeting the following markets:

  • Consumers/institutions seeking greater security solutions than third-party hot wallets and cloud-based data storage providers
  • Consumers who require more security, flexibility and global availability of private key custody
  • Institutions seeking security upgrades for the most sensitive digital assets — the ability to take them offline when not in use, but accessible at a moment’s notice when needed

Many of today’s crypto wallets connect to the internet — or, at least, to the user’s computer — which can cause accessibility problems and leave them vulnerable to hacking. At the same time, attacks on exchanges have caused massive losses.

Goldilock’s solution is offline storage that’s accessible only via non-IP activation.

Initially, Goldilock will support NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens in an effort to transform NEO into the most secure cryptocurrency available today, as noted in the company’s white paper. As the platform expands, the team will add other cryptocurrencies as quickly as possible, provided safety and security protocols remain top-notch.

Why NEO?

According to the company, they were drawn to NEO’s commitment to maximum regulatory compliance. With this in mind, Goldilock has the potential to set a security precedent for how crypto is managed in the future — including in the event that certain security measures become government-mandated.

Finally, as a patent-pending technology, Goldilock sees no problem keeping competitors at bay. They’re also eager to explore licensing options down the line.


Co-founder Tony Hasek founded, scaled and exited one of the largest Apple dealerships in Europe, and he’s been educating leading financial institutions about cryptocurrency-related enterprises since 2016.

The leadership team has experience in leading cloud storage technology companies, as well as building web applications around cryptocurrency and blockchain. Between them, team members have led several ICOs to completion, and they’ve raised traditional capital for technology-based projects.

The advisory team includes a senior engineering manager at Tesla and a former senior engineer at both Cisco and Dell. The company’s senior architect built a web engine to facilitate payment processing in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and Ripple for Snapcard, a blockchain and ledger pioneer.

Roadmap & Projections

In August, Goldilock made the first release of its wallet technology accessible to VIP clients.

The company anticipates launching its token sale in Q4 2018 and expects to sell 670 million tokens from a total pool of one billion.

Token Sale

The sale of LOCK tokens will be done in two stages: an initial presale and a second public sale with a lower minimum purchase limit.

Public sale purchasers will be required to register for the whitelist and provide KYC information.

  • Total tokens: 1,000,000,000
  • Breakdown
    • Hard cap: 30,000,000 USD
    • Price: 1 LOCK = 0.06 USD

Proceeds from the token sale will fund continuing operations including scaled manufacture of the hardware nodes, segregated racks and physical vaulting, with anticipated allocation of:

  • Device engineering and manufacturing – 40%
  • Data center enhancement and operational expansion – 20%
  • Financial structuring and acquisitions – 20%
  • Marketing, PR, business development – 20%

To preserve the project and protect token sale contributors, there will be a mandatory six-month moratorium on selling LOCK tokens for all founders and advisors.


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Token Symbol: LOCK

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