GID Coin
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2018-07-18 - 2018-12-31
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR


World-first Cryptocurrency covered by Polished Diamonds and Gold Bullion.Invest into Coin which:– covered by real assets, which are secured and insured in vaults of the well-known banks;– value is free from rumours and decisions of the countries;– value is always growing or stable during financial depressions.GID Coin has to become an international currency covered by two most valuable precious goods in the world, powered and secured by Blockchain.GID Coin will be related with the real business concerned with mining and procession of diamonds and gold.Team of GID Coin are professionals with 8 years of experience in diamond business and 5 years in golden business. Have broad connections in Africa, Russia and Canada. Working very close with miners of gold and rough diamonds (governmental and private) have connections with Belgian and Israel cutters of diamonds and also have connections with gold refineries in Austria, UAE and Andorra.GID Coin is supported by well-known persons, which are Advisors of the ICO.GID Coin value is covered by polished diamonds and gold bullions. Two most expensive natural resources in the world. In case that gold in equation weight=price loosing to polished diamonds, so the proportion of diamonds/gold looks like 2/1. It means that 2/3 of investments always will be spent on polished diamonds and 1/3 on gold kilobars. Hereinafter we can give you short description of the pricing and evaluation of them.There are two ways of work for the company:· to buy final product (polished diamonds and bullions) from the producers and miners;· to arrange whole process from the very beginning, use less money and to take bigger profits.Proportion will be as follows – 30% of budget goes for the purchase of the final product and the rest 70% will be used for the full cycle of production.On second stage we invest into mining site in Africa (Angola – primary, secondary – Botswana or Namibia) as private entity and begin to produce rough diamonds and gold ourselves. For our luck rough diamonds and gold are based at the same territory, so there is no need for separate mining sites. Everything goes from the one landPGID = 0,5*(Vd*PmR+Vg*PmLBMA)/VGIDT ,where:PGID – Smart Token (GID) priceVd – Volume of Secured diamonds, owned by companyPmR – Monthly Price of diamonds (according to Rapaport)Vg – Volume of Secured gold, owned by companyPmLBMA – Monthly Price of diamonds (according to London bullion market (LBMA))VGIPT – Smart Token Total Volume (GIDs total Volume)At ICO launch the GID price will be average $20 which can vary during the crowd-sale due to the revisions in the exchange rate: · ICO investors are given GIDE (GID pre-launch) tokens that can be converted to GID after company has secure enough polished diamonds and gold bullions;· GIDE tokens will be moved to new blockchain platform and converted into GID in a 1:1 proportion;Advantages of using DGP rather than Ethereum are as follows:· Safer — DGP blockchain uses its own coins rather than Turingcomplete smart contracts.· Fungible — DGP uses Point-of-Stake (PoS), and since it relegates its platform to GID transactions alone (rather than to additional ICOs) processes your transactions faster.· Cheaper — There is no commissions for small transactions (not more than $1000).Token – GIDePlatform – Ethereum, then DGP BlockchainType – ERC20Pre-ICO price – 1 GIDe = 15 USDPrice in ICO – 1 GIDe = 20 USDBonusPre-Sale – discount 30% Pre-ICO – discount 15%Tokens for sale – 24,500,000Min. investment – 60 USDAccepting – ETH, BTC, FiatDistributed in ICO – 49%Soft cap – 40,000,000.00 USDHard cap – 490,000,000.00 USD

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