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FIC Network
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FIC Network is a blockchain-based, end-to-end, decentralised fixed income assets network that will enable the listing, exchange, securitization, and redemption of fixed income financial instruments.

ICO Ended
2018-03-25 - 2018-05-15
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

FIC Network is an asset-agnostic, multi-currency distributed ledger with rules and applications specific to the fixed income industry.

The technology is scalable to the global fixed income and debt markets, which exceed US$230 trillion.

Ticker: eFIC

Price: 0.1 USDeFIC amount: 316,500,000Distribution: 50% ICO, 30% Company Reserves vesting over 3 years, 20% Team and early contributors vesting over 3 yearsPresale: 1/18/2018 – 3/25/2018 Presale wave #1 bonus: 60%Presale wave #2 bonus: 45%Public sale wave #3 bonus: 30%Public sale wave #4 bonus: 20%Public sale wave #5 bonus: 10%

Public sale wave #6 bonus: 0%90 day Lock-up Bonus: +35%180 day Lock-up Bonus: +70%


Arturs Ivanovs, Founder/CEO; Linkedin:—

Alvar Soosaar, Co-founder/COOLI:—

Aigars Staks, co-founder, ArchitectLinkedin:—

Kalvis Kalnins, Co-founder, DeveloperLinkedin:—

Anatoly Ressin, Head of Technology—

Agnese Kerubina, Chief Scientist & Product Support Manager—

Peteris Ratnieks, Backend & Blockchain DeveloperAdvisors:Jed McCaleb – Popescu – Guagliardo – Ansviesulis – Colon – summary: Mechanics:

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Token Symbol: eFIC

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