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What is Eurocoinpay? It is the first investment platform that through Blockchain technology joins two major economies: the FIAT money, in clear decline in usability

ICO Ended
2018-08-01 - 2018-11-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

The purpose of Eurocoinpay is, for the first time, to serve our society, a technological tool that allows them, with total freedom, to decide with what currency to pay for the products and services that are contracted. The Eurocoinpay ecosystem has been conceived to offer an integral service for the user of the cryptographic world. Far beyond a simple cryptocurrency, a payment application, an exchange or a speculative token, it is a powerful project that unites everything that the investor in cryptographic currencies has been waiting for.

● Payment application for iOS & Android

● EurocoinBroker: Exchange & Wallet

● EurocoinToken: Currency exchange with usability

● EurocoinCash: Shelter currency

● VISA Eurocoinpay:

To use wallet balances and make payments at any place or ATM in the worldFor the first time all this will be possible thanks to Eurocoinpay and customers will be able to make their P2P payments, without third parties, which allows us to make the intermediation transactions very competitive for companies, businesses and customers. We accept all types of currency FIAT or Cryptocurrencies. In short, we make easy what for many is the most complicated. (p2p es peer to peer. Peer significa colega) Eurocoinpay, obtains its revenues from the market of transactions and operations of its customers, who receive the added value of the lowest market rates, with much greater savings than most, if not all, current payment methods.

Why is it interesting to invest in Eurocoinpay?

The reason why responsible investors will bet on Eurocoinpay and its Tokens, is because they will see behind it a solid, innovative and avant-garde project.We want to show a structure of open and homogeneous participation, so that all participants have the same opportunities to acquire our Tokens during the ICO, and that these are revalued by the increase of capitalization of the company.

Distribution Tokens ECT

During the ICO period, Eurocoinpay will put 40 million Tokens on sale, provided in the following way:30 Million starter packs40 Million ICO sales30 Million reserved for technical development and marketing

Coins Price: 1 ECT=0.50 EUR

Hard cap: 5,000,000 EUR

30.000.001 – 40.000.000: 0.50€40.000.001 – 48.000.000: 0.70€48.000.001 – 55.000.000: 0.85€55.000.001 – 65.000.000: 1.00€65.000.001 – 70.000.000: 1.20€

We can accept Fiat, BTC, ETH and other altcoins

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Token Symbol: ECT

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