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Ethx Coin
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Ethx offers a blockchain powered exchange as well as incremental enterprise solutions based on SSL Parameters.

ICO Ended
2018-07-01 - 2018-07-07
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

SSL which stands for Security, Scalability and Liquidity remains a concern for major crypto-exchanges and other blockchain based solutions. Ethx gives an all-in-one turnkey solution to all the limitations that plague the current Ethereum Blockchain environment.The Ethx CryptoCurrency Exchange: Great Feats have their footprints in small beginnings. started as a dedicated Ethereum exchange last year. Within a short span of 8 months, Ethx has attracted Over 10 million USD in Transactions Volume. It also now boasts of Over 1 million USD Currently Held Asset. We believe that it is time for Ethx to enter its metamorphosis period. will provide a full-fledged exchange that will support major cryptocurrencies as well as facilitate real-time and scalable transactions. Users can buy and sell cryptocurrencies via credit card, debit card and wire transfers. Additionally, our cPos and physical card-based solutions integrated with the Ethx wallet will solve currents hindrances faced by merchants while transitioning from traditional payment networks to blockchain networks. Security is paramount and Ethx ensures zero-breachpoint decentralised network. Furthermore, wallets will account for only 3% of the asset, rest amounts rest safely in Tier 4 cold storage. The past eight months KPI report is a testimony to customer/client trust on and strives to outdo its own standard in upcoming months. A dedicated 24*7 support further highlights our commitment to the greater cause.Major beneficiaries of the Ethx blockchain solution are the small-to-large enterprises. Our Ethx DataBlock security solution will decentralize all conventional data storage models. The blockChain is finding wide-scale acceptance and application in macro sectors. However, SMEs remain untouched, we bring the prowess of Blockchain to such enterprises. Using the Ethx decentralised Enterprise platforms users can share part of the computing power of their devices. These resources are bundled as one for enterprises who want to opt for services like data hosting. Enterprise can even create and host blockchain based apps on this Ethereum Network, Contributions will not go unappreciated. For every resource the user contributes, payments against the resources shared will be made in cryptocurrencies.

Some key features of Enterprise Solution include:

Improved speed (up to 60%)

Pay as per usage request from each node

Automated backups

Enterprises stand to save millions of dollars on research and deployment by opting for our transparent, secure and scalable Blockchain Solution for the masses.

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