ephelants360 (XEP) ICO

ephelants360 (XEP)
Verified ICO

Democratizing Film & TV Production

ICO Ended
2018-07-11 - 2018-07-11
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR


ephelants360  (XEP) is an all-in-one platform that provides an eco-system for result-driven film & TV content creation, investing, production & distribution propelled by artificial intelligence, transparency, and fairness.

What is ephelants360?

machine learning + hybrid distributed ledger + content production + investing >>>ephelants360 is an all-in-one solution to improve on each existing film & tv production system, making the entire content production process more streamlined, efficient & cost effective. This enables projects to be realized faster and be more profitable, maximizing the value chain for all participants in the eco-system. The tokenized eco-system will allow for innovative new monetization and reward models to incentivize the community on the e360 platform, accept contributions to develop films & tv shows, seed production projects, involve well-known writers, directors, and actors.


Competitive Advantages: The solution is an online incubation platform for content creation, “investment”, production and distribution supported by distributed ledger technology & machine learning. Algorithmic Selection: Remove the Gatekeepers + Reduce Human Error with AI = Quality ContentData TransparencyTransparency + Risk Balancing + No Limits + Smart Contracts = Confident “Investing”Efficiency & Productivity No Endless Meetings + Production dApp = More Content Faster + More Jobs


Premium | Pre | MainXEP is the utility token of the e360 platform and will increase in value as the demand from the eco-system and community grows. The tokens will be used for monthly platform subscriptions, contributing to film & TV projects that are produced on e360, payments for jobs and tasks, up-voting content and rewards & competitions. As content is released and starts making profits, expect more contributors (“platform investors”) to use the platform which in turn amplifies the demand for the XEP token.Generally, private sales have a higher minimum investment requirement of $100,000.

We feel everyone should have an opportunity to participate in our premium sale, thus we have decided to lower the threshold to $500. This will allow many more people to receive the best deal possible. The pre-sale will require a minimum contribution of $250 and the main sale $100. Please review all token sale details in the light paper or white paper download-able from the buttons and the FAQs.

Token Sale Dates

Premium* Jun 28 – Jul 25 | Pre* Jul 26 – Sep 5 | Main* Sep 6 – Oct 17

Tokens for Sale 6,000,000,000 XEP (60%) | Soft Cap 720,000,000 XEPToken UtilityPlatform Subscription, Jobs & Tasks, “Investing” in Film & TV ProductionsToken Exchange Rates1 XEP = $0.01 | 1 BTC = 594,820 XEP | 1 STRAT = 225 XEP | 1 ETH = 44,825 XEPToken Release DateImmediately after main sale: Oct 18Minimum PurchasePremium $500 | Pre $250 | Main $100Eco-System ReserveUnsold tokens will be transferred to the eco-system reserve.Currencies AcceptedBTC + STRAT | MasterCard + Visa | 50+ Altcoins via *Changelly.com

Smart Eco-System e360 Platform. The ephelants360 solution is an online incubation platform for content creation, “investment”, production and distribution supported by distributed ledger technology and artificial intelligence. ephelants360 platform [Application Layer]:end-to-end content production from creation to distribution integrate machine learning at the foundation of dApps and features industry-focused online networking and jobs portal natural language processing algorithmfilm & TV project cast & budget recommender algorithm“investments” in creation and distribution of content film & TV project “investment” recommender algorithm track, manage & diversify “investments”eco-system reserve to support the community & produce content dApps to streamline and manage the production budget & process transparent distribution of proceeds managed by smart tokens

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Token Symbol: XEP

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