Emanate (EMANATE) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO

Emanate (EMANATE) Token Sale & ICO Review
Verified ICO

Self-governing audio exchange protocol

ICO Ended
2018-11-12 - 2019-3-22
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Emanate (EMANATE) Token Sale & ICO Review

Emanate is an audio exchange protocol designed to enable producers, distributors and influencers in the music industry ecosystem to connect via blockchain-based smart contracts. The MN8 token is the cryptographic asset that will be sold in the early stages of the Emanate maturation journey. The tokens should be bought by those who wish to claim a position in the Emanate ecosystem — because they believe in a decentralized future for the music industry.

Renders the Music Industry More Fair & Efficient For All

In the music industry today, the road to monetizing music can be highly centralized, which fails to meet the needs of listeners as well as producers. Many problems exist for artists, remixers, DJs and labels: the payment lag for creative works, the contractual complexities associated with collaborations, difficulty licensing small bits of audio and the current music industry financial processes.

These, and the legacy structures that exist, impede progress and integration with today’s technological advancements. With Emanate, artists, DJs and music influencers may find a way to share more output with each other and their fans, earning income proportionate to their contribution, whilst increasing their influence. Emanate can help listeners and fans discover new music, connecting them to artists in previously unimaginable ways, and enabling them to contribute directly to their favorite artists’ success.

Token Sale Details

  • Total tokens: 208,000,000
  • Tokens available for ICO: 88,000,000
  • Hard cap: 40,000,000 (pre-sale), 48,000,000 (ICO)
  • Price: 0.12 USD=1 EMANATE (ICO)
  • Unsold tokens: sent to fund
  • Token type: EOS

       Token Sale Rounds

  • ICO: 11/12/18 – 3/22/19

For more information on $EMANATE tokenomics, download pdf here.

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Token Symbol: EMANATE

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