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ICO Ended
2018-07-09 - 2018-09-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Soft Cap: 2 Million USD

Hard Cap: 15 Million USD


• Total number of generated LYQD tokens:

• Date of pre-ico sale: July 01th 2018 09:00 a.m. UTC

• Date of pre-ico sale: July 08th 2018 11:00 a.m. UTC

• Date of crowdsale start: July 09st 2018 19:00 p.m. UTC

• Date of crowdsale end: September 30nd 2018 23:00 p.m. UTC or until hard cap is reached

• Token distribution date: up to 15 days after ICO ends• Token contract address: 0x202b15C6fE6337e5c6A030e56254Aaf22233e4F660% of tokens will be sold in the token sale.

The distribution of Ether raised will be used as follows:

• 50% development

• 25% marketing

• 20% company operations and exchanges

• 5% legal

40% of tokens will be distributed as follows:

• 2% of tokens will be reserved for advisors

• 3% will be held for eLYQD bounty program and airdrops

• 10% will be for held for pre-ico sale

• 5% of tokens will be held as a reserve fund

• 3% will be held for user utilization

• 17% of tokens will be held by project founders & team

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