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CyteCoin is designed to decentralizing the buying, selling, and rewarding of viewing in AR/VR/360 by removing the intermediaries out of the equation. This is accomplished

ICO Ended
2018-06-01 - 2018-07-15
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

First Adopter: VirtualCyte is the first-mover and the anchored user of CyteCoin, and already signed up strategic partnership with key players in their respective fields. These partners will form an integral part of the AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem, and be accelerating the growth of CyteCoin adoption throughout the marketplace. CyteCoin is intended to launch a model that incentivizes these partners by paying them CyteCoin. Likewise, good content without a substantial audience traffic is meaningless to advertisers, CyteCoin is, therefore, will launch an aggressive scheme that incentivize audiences to experience content by paying them in CyteCoin to build a near-term audience reach. VirtualCyte’s ultimate goal is to become the core layer for connecting and transacting CyteCoin between advertisers, content producers, event organizers, audience, influencers, sponsors, and merchants across a variety of platforms both online and offline, the first of which is VirtualCyte.

ICO Overview

Symbol: CTC,

Platform: Ethereum Blockchain,

Min Financing: USD5M,

Hard Cap: USD15M, 1 CTC = USD0.1164

Token Distribution

The total amount of CyteCoin to be created is 1,000,000,000 with the initial pricing equivalent of 1 CyteCoin to US$0.077. Therefore, the total market cap is set at USD $77 Million. In the ICO crowdsale event, 500,000,000 CyteCoin will be sold for a nominal amount of US$20 million. The ICO sales period ends when the maximum period of 1 calendar month is reached.

Token Sale: 30% (300,000,000)Platform Reserves: 15% (150,000,000)

Management Team: 12% (120,000,000)Partner Engagement: 37% (370,000,000)Legal/Advisory: 3% (30,000,000)

Bonus & Bounty: 3% (30,000,000)Token Sales

Only ETH will be accepted in the ICO token sales, please be sure you have an Ethereum wallet ready at the time of the sale.


June 1, 2018: 73% Bonus – Limited to the first 27 million CyteCoins acquired by strategic investors and partners who have direct contribution and most influence on the AR/VR/360 advertising ecosystem.


Round 1: June 16, 2018: 38% Bonus – Limited to the next 57 million tokens.Round 2: June 23, 2018: 15% Bonus – Limited to the next 60 million tokens.Round 3: June 23, 2018: High Volume Buyers Bonus – Limited to the next 63 million tokens.

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