Cybertron (CTRX) Token Sale ICO

Cybertron (CTRX) Token Sale
Verified ICO

Cyber security asset of the future

ICO Ended
2018-07-26 - 2019-05-01
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Cybertron (CTRX) Token Sale

We are working in the cybersecurity sector to build AI-driven antivirus technology on the blockchain. “Lyla” is a decentralized, multi-agent, systems-based defense created around the blockchain infrastructure. The agents, in turn, operate chains of decentralized search and analyze algorithms. Once an agent identifies malicious code, encrypted P2P communication can update the entire system in realtime.

Protect Against Threats in Online Trading

Today, online trading has become common, allowing clients and businesses to transact and overcome traditional trade wars, geographical differences and other challenges brought forth by government legislation. However, as more people trade online, other malicious actors are actively monitoring networks to steal crucial data, gain access to accounts and abuse user profiles. Lyla’s defensive system can keep track of threats in real-time network modeling, allocating appropriate measures to mitigate identified threats

Token Sale Details

  • Total tokens: 3,141,592,653
  • Available: 1,822,123,738
  • Hard cap: 50,000,000 CTRX
  • Allocation: 40% – ICO, 42% – Frozen post-ICO,  10% – Team,  8% – Operation costs
  • Type: TRC20

       Token Sale Rounds

  • Pre-sale: complete
  • ICO: 7/26/18 – 5/1/19

For more information on $CTRX tokenomics, download pdf here.

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Token Symbol: CTRX

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