CryptoAdsolution (CADS) Token Sale ICO

CryptoAdsolution (CADS) Token Sale
Verified ICO

A community-focused advertising platform that rewards customers for consuming and running cryptocurrency advertising

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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

CryptoAdSolution (CADS) Token Sale

CryptoAdSolution is a network—protected by a masternode system—that offers products for crypto-based advertising. All products are purchased with CADS, guaranteeing an increase in value, and supplying the community with a functioning cryptocurrency. The platform also offers the community a variety of advertising opportunities and the ability to build a passive income through advertising packages.

Crypto-Based Advertising Packages

CryptoAdSolution is the answer to the problem of banned crypto advertising. The platform involves a hybrid system that provides a revolutionary product-based community and a cryptocurrency that can bring real benefits right from the start. The network provides five different options for disrupting traditional digital advertising models, including:

  • Advertising packages
  • Tailored advertising plans
  • An advertising marketplace
  • A mobile advertising system
  • A decentralized ad exchange

Token Sale Details

  • Coins available: 100,000
  • Token price: 0.25 USD (round 1) 0.26 USD (round 2) 0.27 (round 3)
  • Currencies accepted: BTC/LTC/BCH/DASH

Token Sale Rounds

  • General sale: 4Q18

For more information on CryptoAdSolutions ($CADS), download the pdf here.

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Token Symbol: CADS

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