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The CraftCoin (CRA) is a digital crypto currency that makes it possible that with the aid of a digital token we can give our customers

ICO Ended
2018-07-01 - 2018-12-31
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

In that way the voucher philosophy opens a new dimension.With our CraftCoins (CRA) we canalize the Craft Beer movement and aim for the growing attention for our Craft Beer Crypto. The joint food branch, especially the beer market, is international and thrives on import and export. A crypto currency makes handling more profitable, more secure and faster. CraftCoin thus simplifies worldwide trade, whereas a digital currency is already international by its nature.The CraftCoin ( CRA) is a so-called crypto currency, similar to the Bitcoin. Our token is an ERC20, which was initialized by the Robin Green AG. This concerns a decentralized blockchain-based token. Its technology is based on open-source-software from Ethereum. Coins can thus be securely, quickly and profitably transferred worldwide, 24/7. Standardized procedures, so-called “smart contracts” are typicalmeans of use as well. As a result, with the aid of computer protocols contracts can be concluded, checked or the settlement of a contract can be technically supported. CraftCoins can later be exchanged against other tokens at decentralized stock exchanges such as Etherdelta. The tokens sale starts on 1/7/2018 with a four-week early subscriber’s discount of 20%.The issuing price of a CraftCoin will be ca. 1 Euro in Ether or Bitcoin on 1/7.

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