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Pre-Sale Goes Live February 12 2018.Pre-Sale ICO Token Start Price $0.32 Per Token with 50% bonus.

ICO Ended
2018-02-12 - 2018-03-14
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

ICO Token Sale Price $0.50 Per Token with 40% bonus

Total supply 100,000,000

100% of not sold, issued, held tokens set aside for ico will be burned.

Eth accepted

Pre-Sale Hardcap in ETH “5,700,000”

Tokens 3,420,000

Bonus 1,710,000

Eth hardcap 1368

ICO Hardcap in ETH “36,300,000”

Tokens 25,900,000

Bonus 10,400,000

Eth hardcap 10,360

COINDAQ “CDAQ” brings transparency, regulation and security to digital currency and assets through; proof of identity, company profiles, corporate announcements and simple reporting obligations. The CDAQ is an international blockchain based indice which covers multiple asset classes, including equities, derivatives, debt, commodities, structured products, utility tokens and exchange-traded funds.Buy Back Program10% of exchange profits will be used in a monthly token buy back program and tokens which are bought back will be burned until the total supply is only 50 million tokens. Profit Sharing To improve user involvement and exchange vitality, COINDAQ is going to award incentive bonus, which equals to 50% of the total trading fees charged by the platform, to users who hold CDQ in their accounts.Referral ProgramEarn profit on the trades of everyone you refer. Users can invite others via their invitation code, those who have successfully invited others to trade on CDAQ can share the invited person’s trading service fee as a bonus. For every referral, you’ll receive 20% of their trading fees.

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