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Insure Network (INR) Security Token Offering ICO
Insure Network
Verified ICO
A p2p worldwide insurance network
xCrypt (XCT) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
xCrypt (XCT)
Verified ICO
Crypto ecosystem compliant with securities
Conjure (CJR) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Conjure (CJR)
Verified ICO
An incentivized content platform with search models based on taxonomy
JoyToken (JOY) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
JoyToken (JOY)
Verified ICO
A decentralized marketplace for wellness and beauty.
Nitecrawler (NCRL) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
Nitecrawler (NCRL)
Verified ICO
Platform for booking hotels and homes in one place
TradePlace (EXTP) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform ICO
TradePlace (EXTP)
Verified ICO
Global cryptocurrency exchange platform
Elisia (ELSA) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
Elisia (ELSA)
Verified ICO
A network that allows easy migration between dapp blockchain development platforms
Aassio (AAS) Token Sale ICO
Aassio (AAS)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform providing access to real estate investment
EZ25Coin (EZC) Token Sale ICO
EZ25Coin (EZC)
Verified ICO
Platform to create ustom cryptocurrencies with added values
FidelityHouse (FIH) Token Sale & Blockchain Platform Review ICO
FidelityHouse (FIH)
Verified ICO
A platform to monetize and protect user-generated content throughout its lifecycle
BIZI-13 (BIZ) Token Sale ICO
Verified ICO
A blockchain-based streaming platform for african music, broadcast & e-commerce
SocialPolis (SPL) Token Sale ICO
SocialPolis (SPL)
Verified ICO
A social and sustainable development economy coin
EVE Media Platform (EVE) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
EVE Media
Verified ICO
A media ecological blockchain for unbundling baadd media
RENC (RENC) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Verified ICO
P2p car-sharing platform
Ixircoin (IXIR) Token Sale & ICO Review ICO
Ixircoin (IXIR)
Verified ICO
Platform to use both fx and betting markets simultaneously
BrikBit (BRIK) Token Sale ICO
BrikBit (BRIK)
Verified ICO
Lisk-based blockchain ecosystem for developing and managing real estate industry operations
FieldCoin (FLC) Token Sale ICO
FieldCoin (FLC)
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based agricultural land marketplace
InfraCoins (INF) Token Sale ICO
InfraCoins (INF)
Verified ICO
A decentralized property listing ecosystem
Chelle Coin (CHL) Token Sale ICO
Chelle Coin
Verified ICO
Blockchain-powered real estate ecosystem
eLocations (eLOC) Token Sale ICO
eLocations (eLOC)
Verified ICO
The world’s most comprehensive commercial real estate database powered by blockchain
PropPush/PropPush Token Sale ICO
PropPush/PropPush Token
Verified ICO
Proppush is results oriented online service to connect property buyers, sellers, renters...
Sleecoin ICO
Verified ICO
Sleecoin is a decentralized online platform, which has been designed to connect...
Chelle Coin ICO
Chelle Coin
Verified ICO
Chelle corp. Maximizes value and earning potential for our investors by acquiring...
What makes us unique is that up until now much of the...
Real Estate Doc ICO
Real Estate
Verified ICO
Real estate doc (red) will revolutionize the managing of commercial real estate...
MySmartProperty ICO
Verified ICO
Using smart contracts on the ethereum blockchain, mysmartproperty (msp) will facilitate direct...
Zillios Token Sale ICO
Zillios Token
Verified ICO
Blockchain-based platform for real estate listings
Aleef Coin ICO ICO
Aleef Coin
Verified ICO
A disruptive decentralized blockchain solution for transparent and secured fund management.
Verified ICO
Goodwork is an ecosystem for remote teams.
Verified ICO
A functional cryptocurrency for real markets based on ethereum revolution... Develops ethereum revolution!
Ethernet Cash (ENC) ICO
Ethernet Cash
Verified ICO
The most powerful infrastructure for decentralized applications
eLocations ICO
Verified ICO
The mission of elocations is the evolution of the conventional listing market...
Properbuz ICO
Verified ICO
Properbuz is a free global property marketplace and a social network for...
Arcadia ICO
Verified ICO
Arcadia is a revolutionary ico project bringing together the blockchain and property...
This project is a project to innovate the real estate business system...
Muxe is the revolutionary one stop innovative platform on all real estate...
Habibi Coin ICO
Habibi Coin
Verified ICO
Habibi coin is a community solution to help its members participate in...
Xentra ICO
Simplifies and enhances real estate property investment.
Urbit ICO
Urbit is a platform that enables the assessment of real estate, rents,...
CryptonationZ ICO
Verified ICO
A community of like minded entrepreneurs
DirectHome ICO
Verified ICO
Who are we? Directhome pte ltd (‘dh’) is a singapore incorporated company...
Rentberry ICO
Verified ICO
We are convinced that long-term rental space is the next industry to...
Rocati Limited ICO
Rocati Limited
Verified ICO
Rocati is the first cryptocurrency linked to a tangible asset: real estate...
Viva Network ICO
Viva Network
Verified ICO
The viva network will be accepting eth and is a decentralized ecosystem...
DirectHome ICO
Verified ICO
Directhome pte ltd (‘dh’) is a singapore incorporated company founded by kiegan...
Cryptectum ICO
Verified ICO
The cryptectum uses blockchain technology to refine a highly proven investment strategy... ICO
Verified ICO
Platform for professional investment in commercial and residential real estate at an...
Assetereum is a token backed by assets that give it a real...
Realista ICO
Verified ICO
Realista is the first global real estate platform already available on ios,...
Evareium ICO ICO
Evareium ICO
Verified ICO
Real estate is the largest investment asset class at around us$ 220...
BIG Token
Verified ICO
World’s only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate.
Big token ICO
Big token
Verified ICO
World’s only cryptocurrency 100% backed by prime real estate. Big token will...
Verified ICO
Genesis is an international real estate fund and multifunctional operating platform created...
Genesis ICO
Verified ICO
Investment in real estate.
Deedcoin ICO ICO
Deedcoin ICO
Verified ICO
Deedcoin uses blockchain to revolutionize the real estate industry, with the ability...
Verified ICO
The smartrealty ico and rlty token sale is ongoing now.
Verified ICO
The company is in process of developing the tunisia racing f1 city... ICO
Verified ICO
Plug & play protocol for real estate on a blockchain. A simple and...
Cryptectum ICO
Verified ICO
Total supply of tectum token: 1500000 available for ico: 1250000 accepted currencies:...
Real Land ICO
Real Land
Verified ICO
Real land (rld) is world’s first ipo on ethereum smart-contracts. Rld will...
Opporty ICO
Verified ICO
Opporty is a decentralized service marketplace and self-regulated knowledge-sharing community platform. By...
LockTrip (LOC) Blockchain Platform ICO
LockTrip (LOC)
Verified ICO
A decentralized, open-source bookings ecosystem with 0% commissions

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