Budd Token ICO

Budd Token
Verified ICO

Budd Token aims to be a blockchain-based banking solution for the cannabis industry.

ICO Ended
2018-06-04 - 2018-07-30
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR


This has long been a pain point for cannabis companies, as they are unable to open bank accounts and can deal only in cash. Budd Token will allow these companies to accept payment in forms of cryptocurrency, while providing invoicing and distribution solutions. Pre-ICO Sale25 million tokens will be sold as part of a pre-sale event, beginning June 4th, 2018 and running through June 25th, 2018 or upon achieving the 10m sales cap: whichever occurs first.

ICO Sale

During the primary ICO sale, 75 million BuddTokens will be made available. The ICO is set to begin June 25, 2018 and will run through to July 30th, 2018 or until the hard cap has been reached. The hard cap which will be defined in BTC and ETH terms as the date approaches, will be 50 million.

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