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Bonkers (BNKR) is all about the next generation online betting- and casino experience.

ICO Ended
2018-03-16 - 2018-06-15
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

BNKR Technology: ERC-20 Token Type of Supply: Fixed Total Supply: 418.333.333 BNKR Tokens for Sale: 251.000.000 BNKR Soft Cap: 2 Mio. € (if not reached funds will be refunded) Hard Cap: 20 Mio. € (unsold tokens will be burned) Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC, EUR Cost of BNKR Token (Pre-ICO): 1 BNKR = 0,0741 EUR Min. Purchase (Pre-ICO): 1.000 EUR Bonus (Pre-ICO): 35% Hard Cap (Pre-ICO): 6 Mio. € Start of ICO: 16. March 2018 End of ICO: 15. April 2018 Bonkers (BNKR) is all about the next generation online betting- and casino experience. By leveraging in-house and blockchain technology, our site will unite the benefits of the crypto world with traditional online gaming.Your Bonkers account will behave like a hybrid-wallet, which accepts the common crypto currencies, BNKR´s and of course fiat as well.The BNKR Token is not only for Gaming or Holding! We truly believe in community driven projects, so we want you to participate.These are the benefits for our BNKR tokenholders and cooperation partners:• Your coin will yield a share on the company’s profits equal to 50%.• Via the affiliate program, you are furthermore entitled to receive up to 50% of Net Gaming Revenue on said referrals.• Community-driven voting based for future strategic company decisions.• Once listed, the BNKR token is tradeable on public exchanges.• Tell your friend and earn 5% of their invested amount (while ICO period).Don´t miss this opportunity and invest now into the next chapter of the iGaming industry!

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