Bethereum (BETHER) ICO

Bethereum (BETHER)
Verified ICO

Award-winning social betting platform

ICO Ended
2018-06-28 - 2018-07-28
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR


Bethereum uses concepts including gamification, user-friendly UX and simple account creation to create a unique betting platform for everyone. Bethereum is much more than just sports betting. In addition to limitless scalability, the platform can also handle additional items such as eSports, fantasy sports and casino-type games.

They are already alpha testing the use of Smart Contracts for betting on the Ethereum test chain. Their goal is to eventually deliver instant payouts, unlimited winnings and transparency in fund management through our use of Ethereum technology. They’ve already registered more than 30,000 sports bets placed in our Alpha build. The project has been met with widespread acclaim. Bethereum were among the finalists of the 2018 ICO Race, an event where over 150 projects applied. Bethereum also placed top 3 at Malta’s d10e Conference pitch contest.

Beyond the basic betting mechanics, Bethereum will deliver a set of industry-winning features and advantages including: Strong support for social and community-building elements High simplicity to bring in casual bettors, but with advanced functionality for top gamblers and high rollers Designed from the ground up to deliver viral uptake (minimising player acquisition cost), well beyond the standard friend-get-friend referral programs Support for limitless rewards and massive bet wagers (High Roller Club) Powerful gamification elements (aimed at higher player retention and engagement) Privacy respect (planned support for self-sovereign ID integration, such as Civic) Ready for AI-based robotisation, to improve user experience and platform profitability Multi-channel experience: Web, iOS, Android (plus other platforms as market relevant) Future-proof and ready to include betting and gaming content well beyond sports Designed for rapid ecosystem uptake (e.g., open-source, third-party integration) Built as modular technology components, enabling offering of near-turnkey white-label solutions with low customisation cost A custom solution delivering fast processing time at a lower cost and supported by a deflationary, highly liquid, dedicated token (Bether)


Why are we interesting for contributors?

▪ Clear and easy-to-understand use-case.

▪ We’re following an empirically-proven business model.

▪ The success of our bounty campaign demonstrates our ability to create social competition.

▪ Bethereum is a highly versatile platform that is designed for scalability.

▪ API for third-party betting applications to use.

▪ B2C and B2B business model.

▪ We utilize a deflationary token.

How we distinguish ourselves from other betting platforms?

▪ We are developing the most user-friendly betting interface.

▪ We recognize the large market of casual bettors.

▪ Gamification elements increase customer retention.

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