Arcadia ICO

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Arcadia is a revolutionary ICO project bringing together the blockchain and property development using an under used niche in the market identified by its founder

ICO Ended
2018-05-07 - 2018-05-27
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

There are many projects related to the real estate market in Blockchain technology. These projects are involved in the construction or rental platforms and a variety of others. However, currently there is nothing on the blockchain which buys, renovates and sells high-quality historical properties. The company will be created with the support of the investors from the Blockchain technology. From a limited number of token holders, the Arcadia will renovate and sell such properties and on a yearly basis will then share a percentage of the sale profits as dividends to their token holders. The definition of Arcadia is: to create a company dealing with the renovation and saleof historical buildings and share a % of the profits back to its token holders. By receiving yearly dividends, this sees your tokens are working for you and not just an empty speculation. The real estate market is a wonderful place to find ongoing and sometimes substantial profits. Token utility: dividends, real estate purchase

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