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Protocol to tokenize real estate and Platform to trade tokenized property assets in fractions

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2018-05-30 - 2018-07-31
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Alt.Estate is a fintech company offering the protocol for real estate tokenization and the platform for buying and trading tokenized property assets in fractions. Using the blockchain technology to disrupt the $217 trillion real estate market, Alt.Estate has a strong potential to become an industry standard for the blockchain-based real estate transactions. A powerful technology stack, a go-to-market strategy with 10x leverage, a working prototype with three already tokenized apartments in key geographies (USA, EU, Japan), and sound community support all position Alt.Estate as a win-win solution for real estate developers and investors. Created by a highly professional team with a background in IT, investment and marketing, who had $400 million worth of real estate deals last year, Alt.Estate benefits from the advisory board with worldwide expertise and transactions in real estate worth more than $3 billion.

Points of Interest:

1. Alt.Estate disrupts the $217 trillion market with new industry protocol – an “ERC-20” for Real Estate.
2. Strong B2B business model with $150M token income in the first 3 years.
3. Working prototype in top real estate markets: USA, Japan and EU.
4. Experienced team with $400M real estate deals value and expert advisors worth $3Bn from PWC, Savills and Knight Frank.
5. AA+ Rating from Tokenator and excellent marks from ICObench, FoxICO, ICORanker, ICObazaar and others.
6. Demand for tokens is forecasted to be 10X higher vs initial supply.
Pre-sale oversubscribed. $1M raised.

Alt.Estate Protocol includes the smart contract technology, corporate structure and legal compliance aspects of property tokenization. It gives all large existing players – real estate developers, brokers, marketplaces and crowdfunding platforms – a turnkey solution for property tokenization with no infrastructure costs. Alt.Estate has already created 20+ smart contracts and a smart contract builder which allows to develop hundreds and thousands of them in a quick and simple manner and to ensure the legal property rights with tokens.

Powered by the Protocol, Alt.Estate Platform is the marketplace for primary sales and secondary trading of tokenized assets. Together with the Protocol, the Platform allows users to trade real estate even in fractions with higher liquidity and lower costs.

Alt.Estate opens the market for the mid-size investors who can purchase shares in 50 Manhattan apartments instead of owning a single expensive one. Crypto investors can now protect their assets from volatile exchange rate by investing them in real estate; crypto traders can build a global real estate portfolio in one click and trade tokens; crypto whales can purchase properties for personal use. Real estate can use a built-in ready-to-use widget to boost sales. Customers – for the first time ever – get a chance to buy property with as low as $100 and get affordable real estate fractional ownership deals. While Alt.Estate gets commission and builds strong sales and marketing via existing large players, leveraging their huge budgets.

The Platform trade turnover is expected to reach $4 billion in the first 3 years. All deals, transactions and fees on Alt.Estate platform will be powered by ALT tokens. The demand for ALT tokens is forecasted to be 10 times higher than the initial token supply.

  • Token name and ticker: ALT
  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • Token type: ERC20
  • Pre-sale start: April 17, 2018
  • Pre-sale end: May 29th 2018
  • Sale start: May 30th 2018
  • Sale end: June 30th 2018
  • Token distribution start: May 30 2018
  • Token price: 0.00001 ETH
  • Payment methods: ETH, BTC
  • Bonus: 25% on pre-sale.
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Country restrictions: USA
Total supply: 12,000,000,000 ALT (approximate calculation for 1 ETH = $500: supply is limited by $30M token sale hard cap but can change with ETH/USD rate fluctuations)


60% public
20% team and advisors,
20% network growth

Use of proceeds:

  • 39.5% Online advertising
  • 14.4% Legal
  • 13.4% Content & social marketing
  • 8.8% Technology
  • 4.4% Brand awareness
  • 1.7% Finance
  • 1.7% Office costs
  • 19.5% Others (<2% each)
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Token Symbol: ALT

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