Activity ICO

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The Activity Project will give us a platform where people will work directly without intermediaries, receive additional income, learn new specialties, find proven contractors and

ICO Ended
2018-05-14 - 2018-07-15
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Team: NYR
Feasibility: NYR

Will unite the target audience of related markets with total turnover of more than $ 1,000,000,000.

Token distribution: Bounty and airdrop – 1 600 000 000

Fund for the promotion of participants on the site 1 500 000 000

Selling tokens through the site 3 400 000 000

Remains 1 000 000 000 to the team

Marketing 500 million

Reserve fund 500 000 000

Bonus for holders of tokens distribution August 5, 2018 500 000 000 Total 9,000,000,000 tokens Activity. The first tour of the company’s bounty was conducted, on which 600,000,000 tokens were distributed. They are already traded on the карта23.04.18 Start bounty & AirDrop14.05.18 Start ICO 17.06.18 Listing new exchange 15.07.18 End ICO0 5.08.18 bonus to holders of tokens 10% *16.09.18 Listing new exchange 14.10.18 burning tokens 18.11.18 launching the beta version of the site 13.01.19 launching the alpha version of the site

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