Why ICO Marketing is a Necessity

1 Kilo is an Essential Part of the ICO Ecosystem

Marketing is an important cost when it comes to bringing a coin to market. The days of garage ICOs are really no more as new coins and tokens launch everyday. In terms of ICO marketing, the total budget for success is rising and so is the initial cost of investments. Business owners must build a solid prototype and gain the approval from the communities and advisors if you want to succeed.

In fact, the average cost for outsourcing ICO marketing to one of top agencies starts from around $280,000, not including the legal fees that run for about $20,000.

Furthermore, marketing an ICO yourself can cost anywhere from $15k to $25k with no results guaranteed. This is why more and more companies are turning to professionals like 1 Kilo.

1 Kilo is a full-serviced ICO Marketing Team that works on everything from Whitepaper Reviews, Reputation Management, SEO, Social Media, Community Management, Branding and PR.

According to the company, the company can handle:

  • Business development for a mobile app start up in the UK. Management of the team that was responsible for raising £5 million from private investors
  • PR and marketing which lead to being interviewed on Sky News as an industry expert in the mobile security space
  • Commercial strategy for a medical device start up which raised millions of £ in funding
  • Data and Special reports for the Guardian Newspaper which lead to an 800% increase in profits
  • Advising & consulting Partners and Managing Directors and Partners at some of the world’s largest firms such as Goldman Sachs and Deloitte
  • Community management for a payment processing ICO. We grew the telegram group from 0 to 14k members in 1 week
  • Marketing strategy and execution for an IoT token sale which has a $25 million soft cap

Chaysr is a notable company that has been working with 1 Kilo. The ridesharing blockchain company recently inked a partnership with the Fresno Grizzlies, a farm team for the Houston Astros and continue to make their presence felt in the Fresno area. Blockbid is another up and coming exchange that 1 Kilo has begun working with to boost their footprint across the industry.

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